1. On the 1st September 2011 SAPD management and staff prepared CV’s for some of the beneficiaries, following that initiative we have managed to place 7 of our disabled beneficiaries at Helen Joseph Hospital with permanent employment.

2. 8 have completed a cleaning learner ship at OR Tambo with a company called TOV at a stipend.

3. 8 of our beneficiaries are presently working on contract for a company called Omnia at a stipend, 2 of our beneficiaries are on contract work at a company called LiteBe at a stipend.

4. SAPD secured permanently employed for 2 of our beneficiaries at the Department of Justice in Carletonville and Krugersdorp. All this was done to enable our disabled beneficiaries to achieve their full potential and dignity to function as healthy social members.

5. SAPD received an award in the CASUAL DAY 2010 for - Most successful first time beneficiary in the country.

6. SAPD also received a certificate for - Demonstrating a sustained and extraordinary personal commitment to improving the lives of persons with disabilities 2011.

7. We have an upholstery skills development program funded by FP&MSETA to empower our disabled with skills. Our skilled beneficiaries have started to sell all sizes of ottomans and head boards and couches.

8. SAPD obtained Achiever of the Year Award for outstanding effort in developing an autonomous an independent Centre for persons with disabilities.

9 An MTN sewing project resulted in 12 of our clients being taught to sew children’s graduation gowns, sleeping bags and pillows in order to empower and generate income by hiring these out to individuals and crèches at a fee.

10. SAPD obtained a Certificate of Acceptability for Place of Care in November 2013.

11. SAPD obtained the biggest contract work of packing 2014 Walkathon Breast Awareness 17,000 Goodie bags.