Bead Work

Skills to create earings, necklaces, shoes, etc through facilitation by reliable volunteers.

Food Garden Nutrition education

Provides skills and promotes healthy lifestyles.

Health and Life skills

Which are integrated throughout all phases of the program.


Where participants engage, enjoy and acquire skills to become productive and responsible adults.

Knitting and crocheting

skills to produce scarves, jerseys, hats etc.

ABET & Khari Gude

Literacy training level 1-4.

Shoe repairs

Repairing of shoes for our beneficiaries and the Soweto Community for income generation

Jewellery Making Level 2

With Imfundiso Skills Development Centre

The Main contract works for the beneficiaries are:

  • Hanger man - contract work for cleaning and recycling of hangers
  • Omnia Holdings - packaging of paper work for chemicals


With the number of persons with disabilities that we serve and limited resources, there is a dire need for more volunteers, financial assistance and other donations in kind to benefit all beneficiaries with the required standard of care and participation, with the following objectives:

A. To contribute towards poverty eradication and its causes by soliciting funds to be used as follows:

  • Carrying out SAPD projects aimed at meeting the development needs of persons with disabilities.
  • Strengthening the organization’s capacity in working with other organizations which provide employment opportunities to individuals with an aim of penetrating companies employing persons with disabilities.

B. To broaden the capacity for manufacturing products allied to those that the require the use of chairs, beds, shopping trolleys, scooters, sports and wheelchairs and other assistive devices for the ergonomics of persons with disabilities.

C. To undertake research and publications aimed at providing a basis for development policy.

D. To undertake vigorous marketing, using resources at the organizations disposal.

In discharging the developmental duties of the SAPD, we esteem dignity of those affiliated with physical disabilities, their environments and strive for the highest levels of excellence to pursue the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, of which South Africa is a signatory.