Current Funders/Sponsors:

Department of Social Development

10% of our needs

CE Mobility

Wheelchairs and repairs on request

Previous Funders/Sponsors

1. Johannesburg Market Fresh Produce (Once-off)

2. MTN Foundation (Sewing project)

3. Rand Water Foundation (Upgrade ablution block to be disability friendly)

4. Luaviavi Greener Soweto (Landscaping)

5. Telkom Foundation (Kitchen upgrade which aided in obtaining the Certificate of Acceptability for Place of Care.

6. Nedbank Foundation (3 air conditioners)

7. Food garden foundation and Food and tree Africa (Aided with gardening skills)

8. NLDTF (12 months operations cost funding)

9. AgriSETA (ABET training )

10. FNB (Furniture)

11. Price Waterhouse Cooper (Umbono Fund—gardening, painting, clothing, blankets, erection of car port)

12. HWSETA (Staff development training in fundraising, project management and customer care through Effective Interactions Institute)

13. Momentum Foundation (staff management training through Siyakhula Trust Training Institute)

14. FP & MSETA (Upholstery and Woodwork Program)

15. ServiceSETA (Business Administration Leadership)